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Writing Tips for New Writers

Guest Writer January 27, 2021

Writing Tips for New Writers

This is it! You are finally committed to writing your very own book. It is your dream to share your thoughts with the world, be heard, and be known all at the same time. This may have been your goal for a long time, and now you are willing to begin your multi-step journey to authordom. Writing is a lifelong pursuit, and even renowned writers never stop striving to improve their craft. Many would agree that becoming an author would require you to commit not only to writing but time, energy, and resources to turn your idea into a great published work. Turning your vision into reality takes a tremendous amount of hard work and discipline to write a book. 

Do you know what is entailed in writing a book? Probably not. Writing a book is not easy. Getting started is the hardest part for aspiring authors. There are steps you must take to go on this journey. And the first step will be the most frustrating stamp. It is likely for any new writer to get overwhelmed in the beginning. The good news is, this article will provide you with writing advice and tips to help you strengthen your writing abilities and build confidence in yourself. Simplify your authordom process by following the tips and tricks below. 

Decide on a Genre

Understand that the genre in writing is the key to success. Getting it wrong will cost you greatly. Genre is all about reader expectations, and getting the right genre will make your story shine. The bottom line is genre refers to what kind of story is being told in your book. Sticking to one genre may seem too formulaic or limited. However, choosing a genre before writing a novel will have you more focused and brainstorm a better idea of the elements that will appeal to the target readership. It is in the best interest of writers to have a clear idea of the genre to give you the freedom to satisfy your readers’ expectations. 

Moreover, choosing a genre is not easy. Take the book Playing Hurt, for example. The portrayal of drama and teenage love by Gerald Nardella makes it perfect for either romance or drama genre. Your vision may hamper you from deciding which genre works best with your novel. This decision can be made after the book is finished. Write about what you want to read, and the genre will find you. 

Always be Open to Learning

Despite being a new writer, always strive to become a better writer. And for that to happen, you have to be open to receive advice from experts in the industry, including editors, publishers, and other authors. Be teachable as writing is a learning process. As you pave your way to authordom, expose yourself to different writing styles, voices, forms, and writing genres to help you improve. Doing what you always do will keep you stagnant. You will always be where you are right now. According to Roy Bennett, “No matter how much experience you have, there’s always something new you can learn and room for improvement. Be teachable. You may say that you have your limits, but accepting it won’t get you anywhere. There are far greater things that are beyond your limits. Hence, leap and allow learning to infiltrate you. 

Take Your Time

Writing is a process. It takes a lot of time and effort. Most authors take about six months to a year to write a single book. Therefore, being hard on yourself to finish a novel will do more bad than good. The tendency is you’ll end up with a poorly written book with a hurried story. And no book publisher or reader would want that. Bear in mind, becoming an author has been your dream, and you should not put this dream to waste. Different authors have varying writing timeline. Your timeline will depend on the length and genre of your book. Sometimes, the routine you write will affect the duration of your writing process. There is no wrong amount of time to write a book. So, if you manage to write all day, every day, then that is okay. 

Start Writing 

Set yourself up for success by starting to write. There is no right time to write. Take action and begin your writing process. Just write. Anything will do. Let the words flow from your fingertips. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself in a rhythm. 

In conclusion, getting started on writing your novel will always be frustrating. Understand that you are a novice and have no idea how the publishing and writing process is. And that is okay. The internet is available for your bidding to scour for more advice and tips to help you become a great author. However, what you truly need is something you have to search within you, faith. Believe in yourself, and all good things will come. 

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