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Ways on Dealing with a Struggling Relationship

Guest Writer March 30, 2021

Ways on Dealing with a Struggling Relationship

One thing about getting into relationships is that you have to deal with the highs and lows. You can experience a lot. Maybe you already get that idea in movies. People should have a lot of opinions about it, differing to be exact. You may have your own take on this. But there is no denying that every relationship has its own challenging time. And, this can be caused by different factors, factors that you need to know before you enter a relationship. There are many books you can read about this to inform yourself about it. You can check out Gerald L. Nardella. Books like Playing Hurt by Nardella tackles these kinds of subjects. It is a story of a couple struggling with the coming of age. You can surely learn substantial and meaningful insights by reading this book.

It all just boils down to how people involved in that relationship handle mundaneness. You might see some couples that are great at working through the struggles through the years than others, but they all are experiencing them. Regardless, you still need to make sure that you know your way through, both parties.

If you are in a relationship or you have been in one, you know that it can be hard to work into a relationship in a healthy way. These causes can come from many different sources. There needs to be patience in everything you do and decide on. That is why you need to make sure that you ready yourself for these kinds of factors. If you are looking for some lessons, you've surely come to the right blog. The following are some of the most common sources of relationship problems that you might encounter; you can also find some solutions on how you can deal with them:

Communication Problems

One of the largest contributors to conflict in relationships is poor communication. Well, in general, communication is very important in all types of relationships. It allows everyone to vent and express their feelings. In relationships, communication allows to you explain to the other person what you are experiencing and what you need to do to bridge the gap. Being connected in your relationship is important and the act of communicating does that and helps you meet your needs. That is why you should not hide something from your partner, tell them everything that you are feeling--- be honest about it. This way, you can work it out.

Bad Habit Issues

There are times when couples experience problems that could be solved in just minutes. However, when bad habits become the issue, it will take a lot of time. And, you should expect some conflicts that revolve around the. Changing bad habits take time. You as a person in a relationship should always make sure to make conscious decisions. In addition to that, you should always be receptive to the other's opinion about that bad habit of yours. Think of it as a way for you to also better yourself. Remember that your other half is only thinking about the best for you.

Time Management

If you go into a relationship, you need to be ready for commitment, your commitment includes your time. Committing time will be one of the elements for a good working relationship. Make sure that you make time to have a date night. If you are busy with your professional lives, a dinner date on a Saturday won't hurt you. However, it should also be noted that spending too much time will not also be good for both of you. There are some aspects in life that you need to do individually in order for both of you to grow.


As mentioned, the daily stress of life might have an impact on your relationship. It might lead you to be irate with each other. This happens when the other one experienced a bad day. They can more likely become impatient with the other. When you experience this, it may be better to get away for awhile until you cool off. Or, as mentioned, you can always communicate it to your other half and one might have something to help you.

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