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Character Development: Establishing Characters With Strong Personality

Guest Writer November 30, 2020

Character Development: Establishing Characters With Strong Personality

A story is not just about the series of events; it is about the characters. A great story always begins with an excellent set of characters. In fiction, the characters serve as essential elements. This is because they serve as the ones who are making it possible to navigate and initiate your story for you. Your characters help you in drawing your readers closer to the story. They are the ones who affect the overall feeling of the readers toward the narrative. 

With that being said, character development should always be the author’s priority, as they always go together with the plot. There are great books that show evidence of good character development. Playing Hurt by Gerald L. Nardella is an excellent example. This book has gained a lot of praise from readers for its writing style and how he created a realistic approach with the character and dialogue. If you want to learn some character development techniques, this book should be on your reading queue. Aside from that, it will also give you a sense of nostalgia as it will bring you back to a high school setting. 

Thus, if you are planning to write a book, you should take a couple of measures to establish characters that entice your readers. This article will guide you as you craft them. See the points below:

Build a Strong Personality 

For the main characters, you want them to fit the expectations of your readers. As others say, fit the molds at first glance. This means that you have to put effort into creating a first impression that will make readers want to know them more. It not just about the list of attributes and traits; it is more than that. It is about how the character thinks, feels, acts, and perceives their own little world. Create a notion on the readers’ minds that the character is pretty much alive and relatable— vulnerable and flawed. Make your characters unique and different from the usual. Of course, you need to do this on both antagonists and protagonists. You want your characters to be remembered.

Create Memorable Line and Dialogues

As a way for you to show your characters’ personalities, you need to have good dialogues or lines for them. This is one of the ways on how you can describe him. Dialogues are a way to show how feisty the antagonist is and how empathetic the protagonist based on how they interact with others. If you are successful in creating excellent lines, you will create an imaginary world. Bookworms like to read statements that are bold and can be shared on a post for social media. This could also help you in gaining more people to read your book. Thus, as long as you have quality content, your book does not need a lot of marketing.

Make Sure All Characters are Significant

There are different types of character roles found in fiction. As you write yours, you want to make sure that all the characters included have significant roles and that the story could not function well enough without them.  For instance, you have created a supporting character, and if you think that the reader would be interested in them, you can dive more deeply into their story. Most times, readers would always feel a connection with the support characters, especially those who side with the protagonists. What you can do is to write the character’s own perspective, this way, the readers will feel more empathetic towards him. 

Learn from Other Published Authors

The best way to learn in life is by learning from the experience of other people. This also goes to writing a book. If you are open to learning from other authors, this means you are open to improving as a writer. You can learn by reading other books, this way you can gain insights and ideas on what to do to enhance your writing. You can reread your favorite books or give other books a try. Additionally, you can also read different genres, including the ones you haven’t tried before.

These points are just some of the points that you might want to consider following as you write your own story. Hopefully, you have gained substantial learnings from this. 

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